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Compass Charter

Compass Charter, which is located in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Fresno, aims to inspire and develop innovative creative, sub directed learners one scholars at a time. JJ Louis. President and CEO for San Diego Charter, explains that their vision is to make sure that they give their scholars all the tools to be college […]

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St. Mary School of Escondido

“I run the STREAM curriculum for our middle school students at St. Mary School, Escondido. Our middle school is comprised of 5th through 8th grade students. We love exploring the sciences in a way that is cross-curricular–hence, STREAM: Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. This year is our first year participating in the STEAM Maker Fair. We […]

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Strategic Energy Innovations

Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI), a nonprofit organization established in 1997, creates green communities by designing sustainability programs around the four key sectors that make up the foundation of all communities: education, housing, government, and the workforce. And because we understand the many facets of sustainability, we’re able to see the big picture and pinpoint opportunities […]

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The Solana Beach School District

The Solona Beach District contains seven school sites that are dedicated in supporting science, technology, research, engineering, art, and mathematics (STREAM) education with the understanding that STREAM impacts all students and want to give as much exposure and opportunities to have as many experiences in STREAM as possible. They give students the opportunity to engage […]

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VideoRay, LLC, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania is a small business specializing in the design, development and delivery of innovative underwater products for the military, commercial and recreational markets. Established in 1999, VideoRay is the world’s largest volume producer of underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs). VideoRay provides highly portable, reliable vehicles capable of accomplishing assigned mission objectives […]

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All Hallows Academy

Using a next-generation science standard, All Hallows Academy encourage students to construct their knowledge through lessons and their own projects. They provide lower grades, transitioning kindergartners through fifth graders, with Lego projects in Engineering clubs every week to help them learn concepts. There are afternoon coding programs, engineering clubs for 7th and 8th graders using […]

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We believe STEAM programs are important to unlock your child’s true potential and help prepare them for the challenges of the 21st Century. iBrain has developed the World’s First Digital Abacus. We took the Abacus, an ancient Chinese calculator, and digitized it to appeal to the modern world. Children will learn how to visualize and […]

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Bayside STEAM Academy

First participating in the STEAM Maker Festival two years ago and winning third place in a line-following arduino competition and then first and second place a year later, Bayside STEAM Academy returns to the STEAM Maker Festival with their augmented reality sandbox, future cities design teams, and four arduino line-following robots they’ve coded from scratch. […]

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Snapology of San Diego promotes STEM and STEAM curriculum though the use of Lego® bricks and other materials. Our vision is to create a fun environment for children to play and learn. Snapology classes, workshops, and camps introduce and teach kids to various STEM and STEAM concepts through creative play. All of our classes also […]

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