Earth Energy Challenge Powered by SDG&E

STEAM Maker Earth Energy Challenge Powered by SDG&E

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Grade Levels: 5th Grade and Higher

Team Size: 4 Students

Team Qualifications: This challenge is open to all schools, groups, home schools, or private organizations

2017 Earth Energy Challenge Schedule

The Earth Energy Challenge is a year round activity that culminates in a larger festival. Mentors are required to go to one of the two training workshops.


This challenge series, powered by SDG&E, centers around harnessing Earth Energies by converting motion, solar, and chemical forces into usable clean energy. Teams will be given the necessary hardware to generate and track low voltage power creation. They will then have 45 days leading up to the festival to design and construct an experiment that will be recorded on the Arduino every 5 seconds in 15 minute intervals. This experiment should be designed to generate as much electricity as possible from Earth energies only. Using the data collected during the 45 days leading up to the festival, the teams will create a report on the effectiveness and lessons learned from their approach. On the day of the festival, each team will have a designated 15-minute graded period in which to run their experiment. The voltage recorded during that time will be used for grading purposes.


Design an experiment that generates as much electricity as possible from Earth energies over a 15-minute time span.

Rules and Regulations:

1.1 A team Must have no less than 3 and no more than 5 members

1.2 A School may have up to 4 teams.

1.3 Only a credential teacher teaching in a California school may mentor more than one team with a maximum of 4 teams.

1.4 Every team must have a designated adult mentor present at the challenge.

1.5 All teams must register for the challenge prior to the closing date.

1.6 All members must have a signed the participation waiver for the event.

1.7 Teams may ONLY derive energy from Earth Energies

1.8 Teams may ONLY use the mechanical and electrical devices provided in the kit.

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