Nawic Block Kids Challenge

The NAWIC Block Kids 2018 Competition will be held as part of the 2018 STEAM Maker Festival.

Grade Level: K – 6th

Team size: Individual competition

Qualifications: This challenge is open to all schools, groups, home schools or private organizations

Time: Event check-in 10:00am/Kick Off 11:00am/Awards 1:15pm

Fees / Costs: None.

Signup location: Click Here


The Block Kids Program challenges students from kindergarten through sixth grade to use their imagination in constructing a structure or project using interlocking blocks. By introducing children to construction industry careers at an early age, we are hoping to create awareness and develop their interest in future careers in the industry.

Materials Provided:

  1. All “blocks” shall be interlocking types of the “Micro” size – 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 posts. (No “Duplo” size blocks.
  2. Each participant shall have a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 100 blocks with which to complete their project. Use of specialty pieces (windows, doors, wheels, people, animals, etc.) shall be avoided and will disqualify regional and national entries.
  3. Each participant may also use any of the following 3 items supplied:
    1. Small rock/stone – not more than two (2) inches in diameter
    2. String – not longer than twelve (12) inches in length
    3. Foil – not larger than 18 inches x 18 inches (may be broken or torn into smaller pieces, provided participant does so without outside assistance)
  4. Each participant may use a combination of the 3 items.
  5. Each participant shall be provided with a work area of approximately two (2) feet by two (2) feet on which to build their project.
  6. Each participant shall have a minimum of forty (40) minutes and a maximum of one (1) hour to complete their project.
  7. Each child is permitted to build the project of their choice, provided that it in some way relates to the construction industry. Construction equipment is acceptable. ***Projects which depict people or animals will not be allowed.

NO Additional materials or tools may be used in the competition.

Day of Competition:

  1. Students will check in at the designated time and make sure waivers are on file
  2. Students will assemble at designated build area
  3. Students will be provided a kit with their building materials
  4. Once all students are ready to begin, the building competition starts.
  5. As children finish, judges will start the judging process and begin interviewing the students.
  6. At no time will the finished projects be removed from the building area.



  1. Judges shall also act as monitors during the building contest. Is shall be the responsibility of the judges/monitors to ensure that each child completes the project entirely on their own. Parents/guardians can visit the other booths and competitions or watch from outside the event space.
  2. Judging shall be conducted using the official scoring forms, oral interview questions and the criteria from these guidelines.
  3. Prizes will be awarded for First, Second, and Third place. The First Place winner will be entered into the NAWIC Regional Block Kids Competition. Regional semi-finalists will be submitted for consideration in the National finals, becoming eligible for one of three National prizes.
  4. Each participant will be awarded a certificate and prize bag at the end of the event.

Event Hosts:

Future Construction Leaders Foundation: is dedicated to the advancement of programs focused on educating youth about career opportunities in the construction industry and encouraging them to pursue careers in this field.

NAWIC San Diego Chapter: The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) exists to enhance the success of women in the construction industry. The San Diego chapter, chartered in 1959, is very active in the construction industry and in the community. Each year the chapter participates in a variety of seminars, conferences, and youth outreach programs.


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