STEAM Maker Coder MiP Challenge Sponsored by WowWee

STEAM Maker Coder MiPTM Challenge Sponsored by WowWee

Grade Levels: 3-5

Team Size: 4 students (All members of a team must be within the competing grade level)

Team Qualifications: This challenge series is open to all schools, groups, home schools, or private organizations. 

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Student Waiver

Teams will use a WowWee Coder MiPTM robot to complete one of the three missions on the day of the event. Leading up to the event, teams will need to practice and become proficient on all four missions. On the day of the festival, teams will choose a challenge from a bowl and that will be the challenge they are graded on.

Beginners will use the MiPTM App to complete the missions. Advanced users will use the Coder MiPTM App to complete the missions. The level is determined by the mentor.


Mission #1: Planetary Order

Navigate to all planets (including the sun) in the correct order.

How to Win:
Your team must navigate all tiles in the correct order in the fastest amount of time to win.

Mission #2: Biology

Navigate through the building a hydroponic garden steps in order from first step to last.

How to Win:
Your team must navigate to through the correct steps and get to the end spot in the fastest amount of time to win.


Rules and Regulations:

·         Each team is made of 3-5 students

·         Each team will use one (1) robot kit for the base design of their robot

·         Each school is allowed to have multiple teams, but only the highest scoring team from each school will be put on the “Score Board” for each mission

·         Each team goes three (3) times. The scores of each round are added to create the total score which determines the leader board.

·         Only certified teachers teaching in a California school may mentor more than one team.

·         All members must have a signed the participation waiver for the event.


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